1. What is The AACD Educators Academy?
The AACD Educators Academy is looking for new voices… fresh faces… fresh ideas about the clinical and practice development aspects of cosmetic dentistry. It’s about discovering and coaching “Rising Stars” of the dental industry. You could be one of them!
2. Why is The AACD Educators Academy important?
The leadership of the AACD wants to elevate the educational standards of cosmetic dentistry to the next level. It will give experienced educators new tools and ways of packaging their content as well as identifying “rising star” educators within the membership of the AACD.
3. What do The AACD Educators Academy graduates 
receive resulting from their participation?
Alumni of The AACD Educator Academy are invited to belong to a community of educators who’ll receive primary consideration for speaker/trainer selection at AACD educational events. They also are encouraged to announce their participation in The AACD Educators Academy in their professional biography and speaker/educator marketing materials.
4. Who teaches the workshops?
Workshops are taught by Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP. Paul holds the highest earned designation in professional speaking, Certified Speaking Professional, from the National Speakers Association. He is the only dentist in the world to hold this designation. Paul has lead communication workshops for over 2 decades and has authored two books on the topic; Break Through and Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting.
5. Do you need to be a dentist to attend The AACD Educators Academy?
No, you don’t! This is an excellent opportunity for all advocates of cosmetic dentistry - dentists, laboratory technicians, dental team members, consultants, and members of the dental trade industry.
6. What is the tuition to attend The AACD Educators Academy?
Tuition is $2,995 ***Visa & MasterCard Accepted Only***
7. How do I obtain more information and or enroll?
Call Homoly Communications at 800-294-9370 or enroll on-line at www.aacdeduacademy.com